Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Celebrate Good Times


I feel like celebrating heavy right now, mad relieved after my iTunes gave me a scare. Well, I might have deserved it 'cause I apparently deleted an integral file for the program to function properly when I was deleting files off my comp's HD, so I had to reinstall it.

I thought I'd have to reload my library, which wouldn't be THAT bad because I'd be able to reorganize my digital crates, but it's a total pain in the ass. I'm not sayin I have the largest collection by any means - I'm positive the homies Ivan, Eskay, Dart, YN and various others has a comparable if not bigger one (no Ellen Degeneres) - but a little under 30,000 is a bitch to organize.

But alas, my library was salvaged. Praise the Lord, or whoever you choose to worship.

In light of this wonderful moment, I'ma share some new tracks and old gems with y'all. Let's celebrate, Enjoy!

Links over thurr --->

Young Chris ft. Wale & Bun B - "Searching" (Newest track on the list)

Justin Timberlake - "Better Not Together" prod. Timbaland (Relatively new).

Yves La Rock - Rise Up CDS (Definitely not new, dropped '07, but one of the most unique songs I've ever heard, on a reggae/dance tip with excellent vocals)

Horace Silver - Song For My Father (Way old, ill jazz)

The-Dream ft. Lil' Jon - "Let Me See The Booty" (New new, a guilty pleasure right chyea.)
B.o.B. - 12th Dimension EP (Not new)

Little Brother - The Chittlin Circuit 1.5 (If you ain't heard it, don't consider yourself a head.)

Jim Hall & Pat Metheny - Jim Hall & Pat Metheny (Chill jazz, two of the best guitarists. Ever.)

A Tribe Called Quest - Revised Quest For The Seasoned Traveller - Retail - 1992 (Killer Tribe remixes and rarities, a true gem)

And last but certainly not least..

Kool & The Gang - "Celebration"
(Big shouts to my homie Ana, the link is coming soon I gotchu !!)


  1. got DAYUM you have a lot of music! i! but you can never have too much music, maaaan. and all of those are def must downloads! especially thee last one! i'm still singin it, bruh lol. and gotta thank you for the shout. mwuah! ;)

  2. Gyeah! I'm glad you got that sh*t worked out!

  3. Charge your laptop =]

    Good looks on the Chris/Wale track.

    And what you know about Little Brother, Dom? Lol

  4. "Searching" is bananas! Best Kept Secret are one of my favorite up and coming production teams.

    That's a gang of tracks!