Saturday, February 21, 2009


Congratulations - Drake

(Final Track on the CD Version of So Far Gone, a.k.a. the second best song next to "November 18th")


Black hearts on my cardigan

At the crib telling ya girl that we should order in

And tell G to put his feet up on the ottoman

We just up against a buncha rappers I go harder than

Damn, I’m so catching and smarter than

A lotta these niggas, swear the coaches brought the starter in

Yeah, and I’m the type to tell ya daughter things

I flow high, don’t try and cut my water wiiings

I’m still myself

Suicide bars, I kill myself

Charge it to the game, I bill myself

And I don’t feel y’all but I feel myself

And to dough, tell ‘em I deserve a mazel tov

I’m rappin like a shepherd with the muzzle off

I’m next to blow, pause

And I can’t hear the critics talkin over the applause

Yeah, I try to tell ‘em Future let ‘em know

Send the haters all my love, X and O

I got a black box where suggestions go

But I don’t really give a fuck, it’s probably best you know

My reality is brighter than your dreams are

I got ya dream girl ridin in ya dream car

Yeah, and the visual is stunning

I hope they document what I’m becoming


So what, you want an award or somethin?

I’m at the private airport, bored or somethin

I see nothing from afar but I’m far from nothin

Put on your poker face, I pull your card if ya bluffinnn

But I ain’t with the hard talk

I got a monopoly, catch me on my boardwalk

Like I said, we pull your card and find out you’re a Hallmark

Just know I’m breakin world records, no false start

I don’t see your point unless it’s gunpoint or somethin

My deal like Weezy first week, 1-point somethin

And my verse’s getting stupider

Wayne, if you’re on Mars, can you pick me up from Jupiterrr?

Phone blowin up so I’m cutting off my cellular

I’m a super star, know they’re on to my nebula

I will break a leg, break a arm and a fibula

When I break it down

When I, When I break it dooowwnnn

I hug and kiss the drum kick

I put the beat in my back pocket and just sit

But, you could never beat my ass, pause

Again damage y’all, again

Y’all, pretend that we all some men that get it on

And in,

I die before I lose ‘cause I was born

To win,

If he don’t fuck with y’all, then don’t bother him

And yes I fucked this game, but I won’t fall to them

It’s like, these days man I’m booked and I’m busy

Dad named me Drake, Foots named me Drizzy

They tried to tell me I’d be nothing like a protégé

But if you watched the VMA’s there’s nothing more to saaay

I got the key to happiness and all the copies

Remember this day like you bought a poppy

And damn, how I get so nice?

I just spent it all once, bout to get rich twice

Surprise party bitch, now it’s on and poppin

I always chose dough like it’s my only option

..‘Cause money always knows best

Chain-snatch flow, they say “Get it off yo’ chessst”

And I’m what all the fuss about

And if they talking, I bet I’m what they discussion bout

Hit me at the office, same extension

Consider me the reason y’all should pay attention

(Weezy Outro)

It’s Crack..

Hey-yo Drizzy, you shoulda said that on here.

Shoulda been like…

Congratulations… It’s crack!


  1. drake is the truth.
    a lot of niggas is sleepin' on him.