Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let Me Get My Theme Music..

I mentioned that a T-Pain and Kanye West joint debuted last night on A List Radio, and here we've got the MP3 for your listening pleasure. It's tagged up by the NMC so I'm gonna keep an eye out for the CDQ quality, which the good homie LowKey says will leak soon.

I'm dumb excited Yeezy's back spittin. Let's start the weekend off right, Enjoy!


Link in the CBox --->

T-Pain ft. Kanye West - "Flight School"

Let me get my theme music..

I got my Superman power, my Superman cape

These the last hours but Superman late

Clock is ticking, damn can you wait?

Man, will he come back and save the day?

Fly across the Earth, put things in reverse

I wish this life was a movie I could just rehearse

Certain things I can’t doctor and you say I’m the worst

I ain’t have enough patience but I needed a nurse (get it?)

That’ll come by my bed late, see if my head ache

Then get my head straight, then gimme head, great

Every time I pop up like a VCR

I took ya breath away, then we perform CPR

With all the cars, the clothes, the lights, the boats

I guess I was just tryin’ to soil my royal oats

In the penthouse position with penthouse bitches

See I pimped my crib so I must exhibit (get it?)

Shit, these last years been a haze like Isaac (get it?)

So I close my eyes tighter than Asian eyes get

Realized I got the same wings angels fly with

With Louis Vuitton feathers, now that’s some fly shit



  1. I love this song! Now this is the Kanye that I love! Yesssssss! Welcome back, Mr. West.

  2. I would expect nothin less from these heat makers

  3. I Like this whole posting the lyrics to the songs thig you have going on

    Lol Whattup DOM!