Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I recently posted the track list and cover for 6th Sense's instrumental LP Its A 6th Sense Beat Yo! and I just got word from the dynamic Big Apple producer/MC to link my faithful readers to an exclusive download.

So here you go, I know I'll be vibing to the instrumentals for bangers like "D'evils 2008," "Ignite the People (Like Obama)" and "2-0-0-9" throughout my work day.

Thanks to the good homie 6th Sense and his label Notherground Music for the link, Enjoy!



  1. I'm downloadin it now, & I know u dont post that weak shit sooooo I'm thankin you in advance haha peace

  2. @ Melody - Welcome, thanks for stoppin thru. I hit you up on Twitter!

    @ Taylor - Yea, you gotta peep the originals to "Ignite The People" and "D'evils 2008," 6th isn't bad on the mic either - You heard him on that Grammy remix album right?

    @ ThaBoss - Definitely worth peepin, 6th got some nice beats.