Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday + Grammy's Remixed

Happy Super Bowl Sunday all!

It's definitely a bittersweet time for a football fan like myself. It's sweet because it's the biggest game of the year - and this year we've got a good match-up, I'm excited - but bitter 'cause it's the end of the year. Which means another 7 and some odd months of waiting for next season.

I'm predicting the Steelers over the Cards 27-24, but I'm pullin for the Cards out of the NFC. Just remember, the Giants beat both these squads in the regular season. I know, I know - it doesn't matter 'cause they're watchin it from the couch just like me after choking to Philly. But I'm just sayin....

Also excited to see The Boss perform at halftime. I grew up on his music, dude is one helluva entertainer. Jersey, stand up!

Before I go indulge in a true American holiday by ripping thru Bud Lights and munching on premium Bowl delicacies like wings and nachos, I had to post another quality remixtape by DJ duo Mick Boogie & Terry Urban. This time they put their special touch on Grammy-nominated tracks or records. Some tracks are new remixes including Lupe Fiasco and Adele and some are recycled from 2008 mixes like Viva La Hova and Cornerstone #112.

I'll let Mick speak for the 2009 Grammy Remix Album:

Ever wonder how Kanye would sound rapping on Kenna's song? What if The Jonas Brothers sang over some hiphop breakbeats? What if Thom Yorke sang on Lupe's "Superstar?" What if Sara Bareilles bought a sampler and not a piano? The list goes on... but the answers can be found here.

Big ups to Mick Boogie and fam for the tape, and I hope everyone y'all get home safely from your Super Bowl celebrations. Don't get too drunk. Be safe, Enjoy!


1) Adele f/ 6th Sense: Chasing Grammys (6th Sense Remix)
2) Coldplay f/ Jay-Z: Take The Hill (Terry Urban/nVMe Remix)
3) MIA f/ Nas: Paper Planes (Terry Urban Remix)
4) Lil Wayne f/ Kanye West: Lollipop (Kickdrums Remix)
5) Adele: Cold Shoulder (Mick Boogie/Garbs Remix)
6) Radiohead f/ Lupe: Reckon A Superstar (Remot/Mick Boogie Remix)
7) Kenna f/ Kanye West & Lupe: Say Goodbye To Sky (Terry Urban Mix)
8) Jonas Brothers: Love Bug (Mick Boogie/Garbs Remix)
9) Kanye West f/ MIA: Swagger Like Paper (Mick Boogie Remix)
10) Coldplay f/ Lil Wayne: Viva La Milli (Terry Urban Remix)
11) Katy Perry: I Kissed A Girl (Excel Remix)
12) John Mayer f/ Jay-Z: Say (Terry Urban/Judah Remix)
13) Brazilian Girls: Last Call (Discopusher Remix)
14) Lupe Fiasco f/ Sara Bareilles: I Got A Love Song (Remot Remix)
15) Kanye West f/ Big Sean: Good Morning (Kickdrums Remix)
16) Adele: Make You Feel My Love (Mick Boogie/Remot Remix)
17) Coldplay f/ Jay-Z: Lost Part 2 (Mick Boogie Remix)


  1. i can't wait for later on tonight! i just really wanna go to this Superbowl party for the food lmao. but i'm downloading both mixes riiiiiight now!

  2. Mmmmm food I can't wait !!

    Oh, and there's gonna be this game on LOL

    I agree go Cards!

  3. this grammy mix is CRAZY!! good lookin out