Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Listen To Me

.. 'Cause I'm not your typical blogger.

Unlike these dime-a-dozen, copy-and-paste, NMC-wannabe blogs, I refuse to post any music without listening to it first. The only time I don't is when I'm at work and I haven't had the chance to - and I always put a disclaimer up in this event.

As a result, I'm not one to half-ass my blogging. I wanna give my honest opinion, not just post up "exclusive" material that I blindly copy from another site. There's enough of those blogs flooding my Twitter feed and Google Reader that I've grown sick of 'em. All of 'em.

Where am I headed, you ask? I'm gonna continue my HFTB tradition of posting good music, kicks, events, videos, etc with my new Listen To Me series. And when it's not good, you're gonna hear it. Plain and simple.

Which brings me to today's topic of tunes that I've been circulating recently that I think y'all might enjoy. Let's get it.

Native New Yorker and sure-fire MC Emilio Rojas should be on your rap radar (What up YN), especially after his recent mixtape Recession Proof hit your favorite e-bodega.

Presented by DJ Noodles and Legend, the tape is packed front-to-back with Emilio's sharp rhymes and captivating versatility. Personally, I've been bumping "Keys to the City" for the past two days straight. I highly advise you not to sleep right here.

Sneak Peek:

Indie rap vet Brother Ali returns to the scene nicely with his latest The Truth Is Here EP. The Minneapolis-born lyricist has laced the community with his heartfelt words and spiritual guidance for over a decade, and this project is no different.

With tracks like "Palm The Joker" and "Good Lord," Ali proves he'll forever be comfortable in his own skin, not bowing to industry mularky and rhyming how he knows best - from the heart to please his loyal fans. AndI'm proud to be one.

Sneak Peek:

Check out Rhymesayers' website for more info.

And finally, to wrap this edition of HFTB's newly instituted Listen To Me series, is cross-country production duo Keelay & Zaire's newest album Ridin' High, which dropped yesterday. The Utah/San Fran rep and Virginia native, respectively, provide the sonic backdrops for smooth hip-hop grooves and funky R&B ballads on their first full-length disc.

I was hooked since I posted the album sampler, vibing to "Addicts For Real" with Tunji and "Trapped" with Supastition & Slo Mo and appearances from Phonte, Emilio Rojas, Blu and Planet Asia among others. Ridin' High is a definite must-listen.

Sneak Peek:

Click Here to listen to "Addicts For Real," shouts to DJ

Download Ridin' High from iTunes, and support good muzak.

That's all for now, it's back to work for me. Enjoy!

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  1. You damn right man, i make sure i listen to almost all the tracks i post. Unlike some blogs, i dnt wanna have everything on my blog, i wanna have the good stuffs so i spare people the horror of having to download a song and nod their head in regret. lol