Monday, March 30, 2009

Gonna Be Alright..

Not really in the type of mood to say much, long day at work so I'm gon' let the music speak for itself. Thanks to Beware and Dre for the audio..

..Just listen.

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Fall Out Boy ft. Joe Budden, 88-Keys & Murs - America's Suitehearts

Joe Young ft. Kanye West & Lil' Wayne - We Alright (Remix)

I'm a regular success story
Minus the diamonds and baguette glory
That I let bore me
So I kept it off me
Hard-headed, stubborn I won't learn
If I do, best believe it'll be on my own terms

Listen, born sinner
Slash born winner
Either that's how he seems
Or I'm somewhere in between
I'm a popular stranger
I'm nobody famous Yea, I'm a famous nobody
Still it won't stop me

Wrist so rocky

I come across so cocky, conceited

When really I can see that
If really they believe it
My comfort zone is uncomfortable
Trace it, it'll come from home
I'm not alone
I've popped pills, to escape
Just 'cause I feel

That my reality is not real

I get emotional, big on passion
Smart so when I'm wrong, I get big on ration
Bottle up my attitude, sell it to the public
I'd be a millionaire, 'cause American loves it