Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Rapper in the World Wide Web

[why not a lil' bit of Tahiry?]

This is ground breaking news from two of Jers' elite

Meedah ft. Joe Budden - Ground Breaking Newz

Link in the CBox --->

Shouts to Sermon for the heads up on Twitter and Shake & Meka for the audio, Meedah got some great lines, and Jersey Joe rips this:

Now dealin with a pyro

Vic dose and my eyes low

Advise though, any path that I go, I chose

So play macho like Randy Savage

And I’ma snap ‘em like a slim jim

So for me, it’s a win-win

Anywhere you tryina go, I been been

Highest of the high to the lowest when the ends end

Y’all was aimin’ at trails

I was tryin’ to get one like

Don’t move, the ginsu leave your chest

I been goin thru mental stress

So when I do, the flow tight like a pencil dress

So when I’m talking bout life, know you been thru less

If the slogan’s just nice

Fan’s will leave you for a younger dude

They gon’ act like Hulk Hogan’s wife

In the hood, keep that thing on your waist

I’m the king, see my face

Nah fuck it, you the king, I’m the ace

Bitch n*ggas is queens and all they moves is jacks

But I’m grown so I don’t want nothin to do with that

No truces, no excuses

Not a dame but I’ll treat it like spades and pull out both deuces

So tell the labels come holla’in

At anyone in Jers, pick a tunnel, either Lincoln or the Holland

We all get it poppin

You may be Vince Young crazy but you get the success of Kerry Collins

But if the football players ain’t remind you

Fuck around in that water and they might not find you

Mind you who I was signed to

Made me Governor Patterson,

I could still see though they tried to blind dude

Mad, suck it

Y’all see fools so I see food

Y’all could literally be crabs in a bucket

We can get like cowboys and Indian style

Kick the chair from under me? I sit Indian style

Suck dick, n*gga

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