Saturday, March 7, 2009

"Ayo" ..My Saturday Anthem

What a glorious day outside here in the Tri-State. Let's get the weekend poppin with my Saturday Anthem, the newest from Meth & Red.

Out of all of hip-hop's greatest duos - Eric B. & Rakim, EPMD, Gangstarr, Blackstarr, etc. - I've found the one-two combo of Method Man and Redman to be one of the most entertaining, hands down.

The razor sharp Staten Island MC and rambuncious Jersey lyricist are amongst my favorites because of their mix of rawness, flawless flows and humorous lyrics, plus a energy-packed live show to boot.

So when the two announced last year that they're creating both a Blackout 2 album and How High 2 in 2009, you could imagine my excitement. I've been patiently waiting for years for this to go down, and it's finally here. Chyea !!

And now, we've got (supposedly) the first single off Blackout 2 called "Ayo." It's the perfect track for Tical and Funk Doc to bounce back onto the scene in full stride, as their words bounce over a bass-heavy, horn-blasting instrumental.

on his usual lyrical shit:

I got my swagger on and I feel great
Funk Doc be in the hood like enfamil cases

I network on MySpace real late
Hoping my apple make me another Bill Gates

And Meth comes in with the smoothness:

Another mic, another night, and the days end
Another heist, another kite in the state pen

My state been the shit, y'all dudes just break wind
(New York, nigga) Either you made mice or made men

This also reminds me about a post I spotted on Metal Lungies, digging up the footage to the Best Episode of Cribs, Ever featuring Redman's crib. I remember seeing this on the tube, he keeps it so real especially his shoe-box full of money. G'd up.

Keep the heat coming, fellas. Let's hope the rest of the album is this fire, Enjoy!

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Method Man & Redman - Ayo

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  1. I saw like the first 30 mins of the first "How High" I don't remember why I didn't see the rest though lol now I def gotta see the rest before the new one comes out ;)