Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hop Up Out My Bed

.. Get my blog on!

Got some good stuff for y'all this morning, I woke up to some great new tracks and a quality article guaranteed to spark some discussion.

I'm working so I can't write much right now, but definitely check out the 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Battles (.. And Their Winners) by my favorite resident hip-hopper over at, Mr. Adoso. He gives concise run-downs of rap's most historical beefs, ranging from Kool Moe Dee and Busy Bee's early rap battle to the Coastal feud between Biggie and Pac to the epic beef between Nas & Jay-Z.

He even goes out on a limb to give the winners, which is quite ballsy to say the least. I agree with most, the only glaring difference in our opinion is he's got Pac defeating Biggie. But that's a debate for another day..

Let's get hump day (I always laugh at that term, Ha!) started right with new tracks from Method Man & Redman featuring UGK, Q-Tip featuring Kanye & Consequence, and an acoustic remix of Yeezy's "Amazing" by Mike Maven.

Shouts to The Kid Legend, Nigel D and Khal for the muzak, and Ivan for sharing Adoso's well-written article on Google Reader, Enjoy!

Links in the Cbox --->

Method Man & Redman ft. UGK - City Lights

Q-Tip ft. Kanye West & Consequence - We Fight, We Love (Remix)

Mike Maven - "Amazing" (Acoustic Cover)


  1. Didnt i say i was gonna count down the beefs and say who i thought won like months ago....

    great people all think alike lol

  2. I'm glad someone else thinks Canibus beat LL Cool J because he totally did.

  3. I'm glad to have you as a Reader buddy now! :D