Friday, June 27, 2008

TGIF.. Live It Up

Live from the Southside-st one, hide ya gun
Representin' Chi-town to the fullest
Raps are bullets,
See them rappers? They be duckin'
When Com be buckin' in the kitchen fuckin'
On the sink, got my momma a mink
Think Common is the link, thought the game was extinct

Damn, Common is STILL a beast on the mic, no matter how people classify his sound. I don't care what ANYBODY says, dude is crazy talented and one of the best, ever, period. Need proof? Check this new collabo with Pharrell off the Chi-town MC's upcoming LP Invincible Summer and pay special attention to the Biggie homage. Enjoy his newest and the rest of these goodies on this beautiful Friday night, ya digg!

Common ft. Pharrell - Announcement

Lil' Wayne - Never Get It

Kanye West - Gotta Pose (unreleased!!)

Nas - Sly Fox

Cam'ron - My Aura (sorry for the DJ)

Wale - Hey... Mr. Carter

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