Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shady Samples

Since the cover for Eminem's upcoming Relapse leaked today, it seems like perfect timing for the expert e-digger Ivan to compile the samples to not one, not two, not three.. but FOUR of Slim Shady's albums.

In this four-in-one digital box set, you'll find the originals used for "Bad Meets Evil" (funk-ified jazz of Dave Grusin) and "Guilty Conscious" (eerie piano of film composer Robert Stein) among others.

You'll recognize the loops used throughout Em's catalog, such as on "Sing For The Moment" (C'mon, easy one !!) and "My Name Is" (much tougher, just listen).

I've got to give 100% credit to Hurricane I and his people at HHIR for the work here, spreading great music throughout the blogosphere.

Here's to hoping (read: praying) Em's new disc is dope, Enjoy!

Hip Hop Is Read Presents - The Eminem Samples (4-in-1)