Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

[thought the pic was funny, not really relevant LOL]

..Okay, I've ranted about Blogger taking down my posts before, so excuse me if I repeat myself.

Actually, I'm not even gonna complain about my "A Blog Supreme" post, featuring U-N-I's and Jadakiss' new albums, getting chucked out the window today. In the back of my mind I knew it was a mistake and I'll man up to the consequences.

What I'm gonna do is keep doing what I do, with one stipulation. I'm not gonna post full retail album leaks anymore without the artist/label consent, for obvious reasons.

But I reiterate, if any label heads or artists want their music taken down from my site, PLEASE just let me know. I'll edit the post instantly and remove the material.

On to what you really came here to see and hear, some music.

I saw other blogs posting leaks from Virginia MC Nickelus F over the past couple weeks, but wanted to wait until the full version of his album Heathen dropped to listen. I'm definitely feelin the nice flow and real-talk concepts, so I got the word on Twitter to post it.

"Corner Store Music"
and "Lifted" are my jams, but the whole album is consistent. Download it here, and check out for some bonus tracks that even I haven't heard yet!

Another artist I wanted to put you up on is CientifiQ, Big Apple-raised and currently reppin' central Texas. Not only is he cool peoples but he makes some real good music. Controlling the MPC and on the mic, Q does the whole nine.

His voice is reminiscent of Chali 2na from J-5 but the subject matter is what grabbed me initially on tracks like "Common Ground" and "Where She At? (Hip Hop)." He's definitely a purveyor of real hip-hop - Head on over to his Reverb Nation page for a listen.

Let's round things out with tracks from (my current crush) Melanie Fiona featuring Talib Kweli, KiD CuDi with Wale, Rich Boy, and Chrisette Michele featuring Rick Ross & Juelz Santana.

And of course, some sneaks that I'd buy if I got me a government bailout, Enjoy!

Links in the C-Box --->

Melanie Fiona ft. Talib Kweli - Give It To Me (Remix)

KiD CuDi ft. Wale - Look Up In Da Stars

Rich Boy - It's Over

Chrisette Michele ft. Rick Ross & Juelz Santana - Epiphany Remix

Can I Kick It?


  1. So now i ask you to please remove all of my number 1 hit singles off of your blog immediately, and my billboard hot 100 joints too!!

    NOW! lol

    I LOVE THIS BLOG, tell them kick rocks, its free promo, we'll just steal it from somewhere else, they should come here since you respect them, they better be lucky im not still blogging on music ...Shew!