Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can I Kick It? Chuck Taylor x Pink Floyd

Ain't nothing like some Chucks. Throw in inspiration from forward-thinking, psychadelic Brit rockers Pink Floyd, and you've got these freshies - The Converse All Star Hi Pink Floyd Animals.

The inspiration is Animals, the Floyd concept based off George Orwell's novel Animal Farm. Haven't read that book OR heard the LP in a while, I should revisit them .. Perhaps if my power ever goes out again.

According to


Crafted in a unique white/black/grey tonal scheme, the shoe features album artwork and a unique pig graphic. The band’s name rides form bottom along the heel. The Converse All Star Hi Pink Floyd Animals is available at select accounts worldwide.

*Cues "Dogs" and waits for one of my loyal readers to scoop 'em for me*

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  1. SMH at you having never read Animal Farm. That was like required reading for us in high school. Boy if you don't take your ass to Borders or B&N....

    Anyhoo, the Chucks are kinda hawt.

  2. Don't feel bad I never read Animal Farm either...I think I was supposed to as a school requirement...but I didn't lol

  3. I DID read Animal Farm LOL What I mean was I haven't read it IN A WHILE :-D

  4. Shit, i aint read it. I think i cut school that week. LOL

    Heyyyyy Dont Judge me i graduated at the top of my class with an Honors diploma so in the words of Diddy Take That Take That

    OH AND i dont like them chucks Nuh Unnn Not at all.