Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's My Time

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Fabolous ft. Jeremih - It's My Time prod. The Runners (off Loso's Way)

Guess what time it is, My, my, my time

You could check your iPhone, better say it’s i-Time

I don’t even need a watch, I don’t even see ya clocks

Soon as I walk in, it feel like “me o’clock”

Yea, me o’clock, every time I checks

Aggins don’t measure up and try to blame the Pyrex

I’ma do it bigger than a 5X

Can’t drive with a L, so I don’t drive Lex

Game’s so bickery, so full of trickery

Nursery rhyming, hickory dickory

Blowin’ that sour, the hood call it “piffery”

Biggie, Puffy, Busta, victory

Go hard today

Can’t worry ‘bout the past ‘cause that was yesterday

And I'ma put it on the line

'Cause it's my time