Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Rockin' The Bells

Not as good as last years Rock The Bells NYC line-up with A Tribe Called Quest headlining, Nas, Meth & Red, De La, and the rest but I'm still amped for it.

Excited to see K'naan, Slaughterhouse, Evidence and Alchemist, and the House of Pain reunion.

Stay tuned for more information as it leaks.

Via ML


  1. damn I dont think I want to go to Rock the Bells this year, maybe for evidence and alchemist but I've already seen everyone else, Big Boi aint the same with out 3000

  2. Taylor - I KNOW you ain't seen House of Pain.. Although, they only have 1 big song so I guess it's not gonna be all that. K'naan, Slaughterhouse, Ev & Al, and Big Boi are all cats I haven't seen live except Joe Budden solo.

    BossMack - KRS ALWAYS crushes shit. I just think it'll go over the heads of a lotta these novice hip-hop cats.