Monday, November 19, 2007

New Outkast Song & Pharell/Clipse Collab

She said, "Why in the club, you don't make it precipitate
You know, make it rain when you can make it thunderstorm?"
I'm like, why? The world needs sun, the hood needs funds
There's a war goin' on and half the battle is guns
How dare I throw it on the floor when people are poor?
So i write like Edgar Allen to restore

This old lady told me if I ain't got nothin' good, say nathan
That's why I don't talk much
I swear it don't cost much
To pay attention to me
I tell it like it is then i tell it like it could be
-Andre 3000, "Art of Storytellin' Part 4," DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz: The Album

This one came outta nowhere - I had no idea Outkast was blessing DJ Drama's new album with a heater but here it is. Andre 3000 goes bonkers on this one, proving why he is in my top 5 (hi haters). Hopefully, he's over his soft, sing-song Idlewild self and continues to provide quality Southern-fried goodness. Big Boi doesn't slouch here either - is anyone else thinking they'd love to hear a new Outkast album amidst all the one-hit wonders and gimmicks? Yezzur!

Now, I love feel-good music. You know, the type of jams that you can relax to. This track right here is a new Pharrell/Clipse collab. It's good to see the Thornton bros and Skateboard P can still make songs together despite the label issues. Don't know if the Neptunes made this beat or not but I'm looking forward to hearing these two complex, coke-rap connoisseurs in '08.

[Never stop, the coupe's callin', the roofs fallin'
The levees broke, I flooded blocks like New Orleans]
-Pusha T, Pharell ft. Clipse - "Cheers," DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz: The Album

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