Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kanye is Human, Talib Kweli Hot Thing Remix, & Beanie Sigel Cover/Tracklist

Kanye is Human After All, Reflecting at Recent Concert

It's good to see videos like this. Though many criticize Kanye as cocky and egomaniacal (it's a word, Webster), the Windy City superstar shows here that celebrities too can be grounded and impacted tremendously when something happens to a family member/close friend. Stay strong, 'Ye.

Talib Kweli Brings in New Recruits for Remix

Talib Kweli ft. Jean Grae, Ne-Yo, & Luther Vandross - Hot Thing Remix

The Blacksmith movement is in full effect. Furious female lyricist Jean Grae, R&B vocalist Ne-Yo and the late Luther Vandross (R.I.P.) hop on a new beat to give a different perspective to the single off Kweli's Eardrum, which I'll argue is in the top 5 hip-hop albums of '07.

Beanie Sigel's Got The Solution

Beanie Sigel - The Solution


  1. “Creep Low”
  2. “Bout That”
  3. “All the Above” (ft. R. Kelly)
  4. “Hail Mary”
  5. “Bang Bang”
  6. “Prayer”
  7. “You Ain’t Ready”
  8. “ROC Anthem”
  9. “Loyalty”
  10. “Judgement Day”
  11. “Pain” (ft. Raheem & Scarface)
Shouts to LowKey at Nah Right for the cover and Rizoh at The Rap Up for the track list.

[one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain]

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