Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Blog Title & Mission Plus New & Old Hip-Hop Gems!

See, I got this idea. I think it's my duty to bring you constant updates, when I can, of some dope music and interesting news surrounding music culture. That's why you need to check it on a regular basis and click on my ads on the bottom while you're here (it takes barely any time and you can X out right after)! I'll still post reviews on the journalism tip but I want to stay grinding to help you get the proper hits from this blog.

Shouts to LowKey at You Heard That New, Ivan at Hip-Hop Is Read, Nah Right, Michael at Fifteen Minutes To Live, Oh Word, Ill Roots, etc.. I'm the newcomer in this blog game and I appreciate your updates.

Saigon's New Song, Bloggin' & Buggin' at Joe Budden

Saigon - "Wake Up," Moral Of The Story

Here's Saigiddy's newest track, the typical deep single I'd expect from a dude who's been through all that this Brooklyn/Mooseknuckle (say what?!), NY MC has. And for those that didn't know, Saigon's been voicing his opinion on his blog regarding Joe Budden's one-liner referencing his punkin' of Prodigy of Mobb Deep. The Yardfather needs to realize it was wordplay and keep his music movin'.

Styles P Suffers From DeJa Vu

Styles P ft. Black Thought - Cause I'm Black, Super Gangster: Extraordinary Gentlemen

Didn't LOX rep Styles P already make a song about the struggles of his skin color? Seems like Pinero is suffering from deja vu, but I like this one better than the one with that Floetry chick especially 'cuz Roots lead MC Black Thought spits real tough.

Dust Off the Crates: Hits from the Past - 1st Edition

I had to post this after watching the movie recently. Denzel does the damn thing there while Chuck D and Flava Flav drop some knowledge God over a craftily-placed sample from Buffalo Springfield's 1967 hit "For What It's Worth." Yeaaa Boyyyy!

Public Enemy - He Got Game, He Got Game Movie Soundtrack

Y'all Know The Rules: Stay Cool

The Roots - Y'all Know Who, Okayplayer: True Notes Vol. 1

I had to finish up with a slept-on jam from hip-hop's legendary Roots Crew. This fast-paced bass-thumping blitz is off 2004's Okayplayer: True Notes Vol. 1 which my homie DJ J Past put me onto recently. Even I over-looked this ill collection so grab it here if you missed it, too.

[i'm ghost, peace and much love]

My wandering got my ass wondering
Where Christ is in all this crisis
-Chuck D, Public Enemy - "He Got Game," He Got Game Movie Soundtrack

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