Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wale & Lil' Wayne Remix, '07 lists...

[dec 26: the day after]

Now that the Christmas festivities have subsided and he's freshly stocked with Bob Marley gear and a suave salmon New Years button-down, it's back to business for [dom corleone]. My first order of business is to notify everyone that I'm working on my '07 lists and they will be done by the end of the week. I know you all want my insight on the hottest/coldest albums and songs of '07, but you will have to wait a few more days...

[wale (pronounced "wah-ley" for those that don't know)]

I've uploaded a remix to "Nike Boots," the iTunes featured track from Washington D.C.'s talented newcomer Wale featuring Nawlins' finest Lil' Wayne. It's CD quality but sorry for the edited version, that's all I got right now.. Enjoy:

Wale ft. Lil' Wayne - Nike Boots Remix (Clean)

[flyer than the rest of 'em]

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