Sunday, December 16, 2007

After giving MM3 a few spins...

I've come to the conclusion that it's cool, I respect what Joey's doing and love when he's on that uprising, movement-type music - but, there's a gang of boring/extremely soft songs I skipped. Though this one is not as consistent as MM2, I'm feelin' these tracks like whoa... Enjoy:

Joe Budden ft. Mr. Probz - Long Way To Go produced by SoulSearchin'

Joe Budden - 5th Gear produced by WMS Sultan

Joe Budden - Hiatus produced by Mellow Madness

Joe Budden ft. E-Zo - Get No Younger produced by The Klasix

Joe Budden - Thou Shalt Not Fall produced by The Klasix

[freedom i keep chancin'
so if i fall like beyonce, i just get back up and keep dancin']

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