Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Nucci Reyo, Rhymefest & Wale

[nucci reyo, g state]

Anyone whose ever been to an institute of higher learning knows the painful experience that is exam week. I've been too distracted by my stimulant-induced all-nighters to bless you all.. but I'm relaxing for a little so I can drop some knowledge:

First is a new one from Chi-Town's Rhymefest and D.C.'s lyrical acrobat Wale with Mark Ronson on the boards.. Now I'm not a big fan of Rhymefest at all but this is worth checkin' out strictly to hear Wale, yessir:

Rhymefest ft. Wale - Get Up Produced By Mark Ronson

This is a new track from one of the Garden State's (stand up!) nicest MCs Nucci Reyo, Enjoy:

Nucci Reyo - No Difference

[let's get back to business]

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