Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ghostface on his Grown-Man Shit..

[Ghostface in concert at Rutgers this past fall]

In an article in the Village Voice yesterday, Ghostface talked about gettin' his grown man on, growing older in hip-hop and how his content reflects this.

"People don't want change, man. But you're becoming a grown man. You can't be 45 years old talking about how many bricks, how many kilos you turned over, how many you sold, at 45. People have to start talkin' grown-man shit."

And this is why Ghost is respected..

""You gotta start talkin' about more adult things. You talkin' about kilos all day, it's like, 'C'mon, man.' I gotta start talkin' about—help savin' the babies, man. And getting these women to be a real mother to they child, and getting these guys to start fuckin' lovin', respectin' my women. You gotta grow—development."

[open your ears]

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