Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Move to Brooklynati Today..

Why? 'Cause ?uestlove said so..

As mayor and on behalf of the city of Brooklynati, it is my pleasure to welcome you and yours to our fantastic city of Brooklynati, USA. As you’ll soon discover, our city prides itself on its cleanliness, diversity and culture. I trust that you will find your new home to be one for which you will take great pride. As far as we are concerned, you have always been from Brooklynati – now its just official.

We are excited for you to familiarize yourself with our many public services – from our historic libraries and world-class parks to our nationally-recognized schools. Whether you are an independent spirit or have chosen to settle down here in our beloved city with your family, there is a wide array of destinations that you’ll be proud to have in your own backyard.

Get to know your local vendors, your neighborhood parks. Visit Queen’s Island for an evening of family-friendly fun or take in a show at any of our great venues on the city’s west side. I’m sure you’ll have no shortage of activities in which to engage, but should you ever need ideas, feel free to visit our Chamber of Commerce’s website at www.Brooklynati.com.

We look forward to your time here in Brooklynati and welcome you as a citizen!

Support real hip-hop and scoop Tanya Morgan's new LP Brooklynati today on iTunes. Von Pea, Don Will and Ilyas never disappoint. You'll thank me later.

For a taste of what to expect, check out DJ King Most's Tanya Morgan Megamix right here.

Big thanks to khal at RTD for the heads up, Enjoy!