Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Could You Be So Heartless?

Kanye West - Heartless (Unmastered)

I got chills reading this story on HipHopDX that 'Yeezy premiered 808's and Heartbreak in L.A. Tuesday night. Maybe because this is the most anticipation I've ever felt for an album in years. Maybe because it's going to be so different. And, most likely, because I have NO idea what to expect.

My favorite excerpt:

Kanye silenced critics on his new direction. “I’m here to bring positivity that cannot be judged.” Alluding to an example of this, 'Ye stated, “It’s like judging a grandmother’s love, and someone says ‘Your grandmother gets two and a half mics.'"

Here's the tentative tracklist and above is a taste of what's to come.. Enjoy!

1. Welcome to Heartbreak
2. Heartless
3. Love Lockdown
4. Robocop
5. Anyway
6. Street Lights
7. Say You Will
8. Bad News
9. Amazing
10. Tell Everybody That You Know
11. Coldest Winter

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