Thursday, May 8, 2008

The In Crowd

.. has leaked! I'm sort of disappointed because some songs are extremely soft but I can't hate because Naledge and Double-O are trying to reach different demographics - hardcore hip-hop heads and R&B-lovin' ladies - at the same time, which makes for a jumpy disc that switches abruptly from rough rhymes to sultry seductions. Here's the tracklist and some of my select tracks (check earlier posts for each version of "Drivin' Down The Block").. Enjoy!

Kidz In The Hall - The In Crowd
Label................: Duck Down Music Ltd
Genre................: Hip-Hop
StoreDate............: May-13-2008
Total Playing Time...: 52:54

01. Black Out (feat. DJ G.I. Joe) 02:38
02. Paper Trail (feat. Phonte) 03:55
03. Drivin' Down The Block (Low End Theory) (feat. Masta Ace) 04:03
04. Lucifer's Joyride (feat. Travis McCoy) 03:24
05. Snob Hop (feat. Camp Lo) 03:36
06. Mr. Alladatsh*t (feat. Donnis & Chip Tha Ripper) 03:59
07. Love Hangover (feat. Estelle) 04:06
08. Let Your Hair Down (feat. SKyzoo & Lil' Eddie) 04:37
09. Middle Of The Map Pt. 1 (feat. Fooch) 02:28
10. Middle Of The Map Pt. 2 (feat. Black Milk & Guilty Simpson) 02:33
11. The In Crowd (feat. Tim William) 04:04
12. The Pledge (feat. Sean Price & Buckshot) 04:32
13. Inner Me 04:59
14. Drivin' Down The Block (Remix) 04:00
(feat. Pusha T, Bun B & The Cool Kids) enemy just might be my inner me..

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