Sunday, August 17, 2008

Still The Genius..

Name a dude that could stop the force that I strike with
Let alone try to hold the pen that I write with
You could even chop off the fingers I type with
Those I hold the mic with, thinkin' I might quit
You didn't know? That only makes me more determined
Each labor for hip-hop, son, ask the Germans

.. And he's still got it, like he's in his prime. Wu-Tang intellectual GZA drops his 6th solo LP Pro Tools this Tuesday on Babygrande/Think Differently Music, so your boy is posting some exclusive leaks to give you a taste of what you should buy this week. The beats are certified flames and GZA's sure-fire flow and substantial lyrics are certain to satisfy any hip-hop head's craving. Support real artists, Enjoy!

1. Intromental [prod. Dreddy Kruger]
2. Pencil ft. Masta Killa & RZA [prod. Mathematics]
3. Alphabets [prod. True Master]
4. Groundbreaking ft. Justice Kareem [prod. Bronze Nazareth]
5. 7 Pounds [prod. Black Milk, intro by Preservation]
6. 0% Finance [prod. Jose "Choco" Reynoso]
7. Short Race ft. Roc Marciano [prod. Arabian Knight]
8. Interlude
9. Paper Plate [prod. RZA]
10. Columbian Ties ft. True Master [prod. Bronze Nazareth]
11. Firehouse ft. Ka [prod. Roc Marciano]
12. Path of Destruction [prod. Jay Waxx Garfield]
13. Cinema ft. Justice Kareem [prod. Arabian Knight]
14. Intermission (Drive In Movie)
15. Life Is A Movie ft. RZA, Irfane & Khan-Acito [prod. RZA]
16. Elastic Audio ft. Dreddy Kruger (Bonus Live Performance)

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