Friday, February 27, 2009

March Madness

Though I do enjoy me some NCAA basketball, this isn't the type of March Madness you're thinking of. This one, you have a say in and it probably won't lose you any money in the process. Unless you and your sneaker-head buddies bet on this sorta thing.

Nike SB has set up a tournament to find its Dunk Fan Favorite of 2009. This year, it's up to the people to choose between 128 colorways to crown one Dunk the champ. I've got my money on either the De La Soul Highs (#13, Orange Bracket, Left Side), the Purple Pigeons (#28, Silver Bracket, Left Side), the Bic Highs (#25, Black Bracket, Right Side), or the Blue Avengers (#7, Pink Bracket, Left Side).

In order to vote, sign up for the NikeSB Forums. Voting begins on Sunday.

Check out the brackets below and click on the link above for the match-ups, Enjoy!

Orange Bracket
Silver Bracket
Black Bracket
Pink Bracket

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Tapes for Thursday

Morning all, let's get it popping with two new digital tapes with all sorts of goodies.

First up is the Vimby & Uponthingz exclusive The New Classics produced by Cook Classics. Peep a nice collection of joints from U-N-I, Amanda Diva, Pac Div, 6th Sense, Outasight, Fashawn, Emilio Rojas and many more hosted by Peter Rosenberg and mixed by Inka One.

Next is The Jetsetters, a fresh tape presented by DJ Benzi and Dope Couture to celebrate the designer's newest line of Jetson-related gear. This one's another cool compilation of recent songs by Swizz Beatz, Lil' Wayne, KiD CuDi, Twista, Colin Munroe, Blu, Drake, U-N-I, Pac Div, 6th Sense, The Kickdrums, plus more.

Check both covers with track lists and links below. Big props to Gotty and Nation for the info, Enjoy!



DJ Benzi & Dope Couture - The Jetsetters

The Jetsetters Mixtape

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Connecting The Internet

tells us to "download it and spread it around," so I'll do my part and share some brand new Reflection Eternal (!!) for y'all.

I'm amped to say that the classic duo of sharp-tongued lyricist Talib Kweli and trend-setting producer Hi-Tek is back in the studio, on the recording grind. Their newest track is "Internet Connection" with Bootsy Collins, a big shout out to all the blogs holding down Blacksmith Entertainment and the RE legacy.

I'm dumb tired so I'll let Kweli speak for the group's future:

Kweli and Hi-Tek are in the studio working hard on their long-awaited second album. They wanted to let all their friends online know they've linked back up, so they made this ode to technology, with a throwback funk feel to it. The legendary Bootsy Collins was chillin in the studio with Hi-Tek and wanted to jump on the song as well. This is just some different stuff to let y'all know they're on the way back.

Make sure you check them
at the Blue Note with a full band in NYC on March 10th and 11th as well.

Shouts to Year of the Blacksmith for the info, Enjoy!


Reflection Eternal - Internet Connection

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Time Is Money..

.. And My Money Priceless

[Sorry I gotta throw random Weezy-isms around my blog. Dude is a Martian, I hope you understand.]

A lotta good stuff dropped the past couple, so I'll put y'all up on something real quick.

I've never really been a big fan of the Black Eyed Peas, but I can't hate on their new single "Boom Boom Pow." Call it a guilty pleasure, but I'm diggin this electro-hop for certain situations. Mainly, toe up on a Friday night at about 1:45 at the bar.

I still can't stand Fergie though, never have and never will, she need to quit. ASAP.

We've also got a new freestyle from Cleveland's own Kid CuDi, an album sampler for Cali agents Keelay & Zaire's upcoming Ridin High, new Wayne from that Big Mike mixtape I posted, and brand new joints from Cam'ron, T.I., DOOM, Ludacris, Yung LA featuring Rick Ross, Maino & Wayne, Illogic, and Blaq Poet featuring Jaysaun & Termanology.

as a bonus 'cause I'm in a decent mood, the homie Kevin Nottingham just posted this mixtape of Kanye West features and rarities, definitely check The Lost Songs out below. Guess I'm in a giving mood.

Good looks to KSY-Music, Nation, Gotty, The Kid Legend, Shake, and Big Splash for the good shit, Enjoy!

Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow

KiD CuDi - '09 Freestyle

Keelay & Zaire - Ridin High Album Sampler
(This is really good hip-hop, even if you haven't heard of these dudes you should listen. True story.)

Lil' Wayne - She Said He Said

The Game ft. Lil' Wayne - Where U At'

Cam'ron - I Used To Get It In Ohio

T.I. - Get That Money

DOOM - Cellz

Ludacris & David Banner - Come With Me

Ludacris - Grizzly

Yung LA featuring Rick Ross, Maino & Wayne - Ain't I Remix

Illogic - I Know You (prod. Ill Poetic)

Blaq Poet, Jaysaun, & Termanology - King of the Jungle


Kanye West - The Lost Songs


1. Milton Nascimento - Intro (0:53)
2. Consequence - Don’t Forget Em (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West) (4:20)
3. Bump J - Move Around (Produced By Kanye West) (3:54)*
4. Tricky Daddy - Can’t Say No (Feat. Kanye West) (2:14)
5. Consequence - Turn Yaself in (Feat. Kanye West) (3:17)
6. GLC - Take Me Out (Feat. Shayla G) (Prod. By Kanye West) (3:31)
7. AZ - Love is All Love (Produced By Kanye West) (3:40)
8. Cassius Henry - The One (Feat. Freeway) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:44)
9. Skyzoo - I Got It Covered (Produced By Kanye West) (3:39)
10. Shawnna - What Can I Do (Feat. Missy Elliott) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:24)
11. Mystic - Breathe (Better Days) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:53)
12. Kanye West - Downtown (Feat. Consequence & Abstract Mind State) (3:56)
13. Tiarra Marie - Make Her Feel Good (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z) (3:28)
14. Young Blaze - Work It Out (Produced By Kanye) (4:38)
15. Young Leek - Where U Should Be (Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo) (3:27)
16. Nappy Roots - These Walls (Produced By Kanye West) (3:53)
17. DJ Kayslay - No Problems (Featuring Jaheim, Nore, Nature & Left Gunz) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:26)
18. Infamous Syndicate - Clock Strikes (Feat. Fatal) (Produced By Kanye West) (4:18)
19. Pharcity - Can’t Say No (Feat. Xavier, Aeon & Kanye West) (4:37)
20. Made Men - Is It You? (Deja Vu) (Remix) (Feat. Carden, Mase & Big Pun) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:41)
21. Nick Cannon - My Wife (Feat. Slim) (Produced By Kanye West) (3:17)
22. Kanye West - Roommates (Feat. Consequence) (3:40)

Bonus Tracks:
23. Bump J - Lock Me Down (Feat. Rick James) (Produced By Kanye West) (Tagged) (4:06)
24. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Kanye West Remix) (2:27)
25. Scarface - Steve Francis Reebok Commercial (Prod. By Kanye West) (0:58)

2009 Movie Previews

So after Slumdog did work at the Oscars, the Academy decided to ditch their usual award show recap and run clips of some of the most-anticipated films coming out this year.

From this list, I'm most looking forward to Angels & Demons, Public Enemies, Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, The Soloist, Whatever Works, and The Boat That Rocked.

Scooped from Cinematical, Enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ain't No Slummin..

Aight, perhaps un poco. Only 'cause I'm watching the Best Picture-winning Slumdog Millionaire tonight.

But first, let's service that aural addiction. (What's 16 homo minus 16 homo?)

I'm dumb excited the tagless version of the Kanye West & T-Pain collab "Flight School" leaked. The NMC hooked it up properly Friday with the premier then Yeezy himself liberated the CDQ. Says 'Ye:
Other than that, we've got heat from Nas produced by Yeezy, another T.I. Detox reference track, Rapper Big Pooh, DOOM, Joe Scudda featuring T-Pain, and a huge remix of Capone and Nore's "Rotate," and Big Mike and DJ Thoro's latest mixtape 4th Quarter Pressure (I know what you're thinkin, 4th Quarter?.. I don't get the title either.)

Thanks to Nigel D, TSS, 2D and KSY-Music for the newness, Enjoy!

Kanye West ft. T-Pain - Flight School

Nas - The World prod. Kanye West

Dr. Dre ft. T.I. & Kobe - This Is Detox (I Am Hip Hop)

Rapper Big Pooh - Radio

DOOM - Light Works

Joe Scudda ft. T-Pain - Keep On Drinkin'

CNN Ft. Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, Ron Browz & Jadakiss - Rotate Gucci NY Remix


Big Mike & DJ Thoro - 4th Quarter Pressure Part III

Track List:

1. Jadakiss - Magic City
2. Jadakiss & Pharell - Rocking Wit The Best
3. Tony Moxberg Feat Jadakiss - Look What The Game Made Me
4. Jayz - Mind Rite (Blueprint 4 Exclusive)
5. Jadakiss - Turn My Swag On
6. Jadakiss - Jumping Out The Window
7. Jadakiss & Styles P - The People
8. Styles P - All I Need
9. Max B - Feel It
10. Max B Feat Mall G & T.P. - Oww,Oww,Oww
11. French Montana - Im So Special
12. Camron - Say Aye
13. Juelz Santana - Rnb
14. Jadakiss - Wheres The Cash At
15. Jadakiss & Barrington Levy
16. The Game Feat Lil Wayne
17. Lil Wayne - Swag On
18. Lil Wayne - She Said He Said
19. Remo Da Rapstar - Recession Proof Freestyle
20. DJ Big Mike Feat Paperboyz, Mook N Fair, Conn Artists, Oscar Black, Smooth
Haines – CT Go Hard
21. Dice Lux - Dont Fall
22. 360 - Choose Your Own Destiny (Rule The World Ent)
23. Rawdoggz & Mike Gully
24. B.E.N.N.Y. - For Us
25. Hustleman - Freestyle
26. 50 Cent - Tia Told Me(Rick Ross Diss)
27. Rick Ross - Know The Ledge/Lets Get It (50 Cent Diss)
28. Lloyd Banks - Officer Down (Rick Ross Diss)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let Me Get My Theme Music..

I mentioned that a T-Pain and Kanye West joint debuted last night on A List Radio, and here we've got the MP3 for your listening pleasure. It's tagged up by the NMC so I'm gonna keep an eye out for the CDQ quality, which the good homie LowKey says will leak soon.

I'm dumb excited Yeezy's back spittin. Let's start the weekend off right, Enjoy!


Link in the CBox --->

T-Pain ft. Kanye West - "Flight School"

Let me get my theme music..

I got my Superman power, my Superman cape

These the last hours but Superman late

Clock is ticking, damn can you wait?

Man, will he come back and save the day?

Fly across the Earth, put things in reverse

I wish this life was a movie I could just rehearse

Certain things I can’t doctor and you say I’m the worst

I ain’t have enough patience but I needed a nurse (get it?)

That’ll come by my bed late, see if my head ache

Then get my head straight, then gimme head, great

Every time I pop up like a VCR

I took ya breath away, then we perform CPR

With all the cars, the clothes, the lights, the boats

I guess I was just tryin’ to soil my royal oats

In the penthouse position with penthouse bitches

See I pimped my crib so I must exhibit (get it?)

Shit, these last years been a haze like Isaac (get it?)

So I close my eyes tighter than Asian eyes get

Realized I got the same wings angels fly with

With Louis Vuitton feathers, now that’s some fly shit



Congratulations - Drake

(Final Track on the CD Version of So Far Gone, a.k.a. the second best song next to "November 18th")


Black hearts on my cardigan

At the crib telling ya girl that we should order in

And tell G to put his feet up on the ottoman

We just up against a buncha rappers I go harder than

Damn, I’m so catching and smarter than

A lotta these niggas, swear the coaches brought the starter in

Yeah, and I’m the type to tell ya daughter things

I flow high, don’t try and cut my water wiiings

I’m still myself

Suicide bars, I kill myself

Charge it to the game, I bill myself

And I don’t feel y’all but I feel myself

And to dough, tell ‘em I deserve a mazel tov

I’m rappin like a shepherd with the muzzle off

I’m next to blow, pause

And I can’t hear the critics talkin over the applause

Yeah, I try to tell ‘em Future let ‘em know

Send the haters all my love, X and O

I got a black box where suggestions go

But I don’t really give a fuck, it’s probably best you know

My reality is brighter than your dreams are

I got ya dream girl ridin in ya dream car

Yeah, and the visual is stunning

I hope they document what I’m becoming


So what, you want an award or somethin?

I’m at the private airport, bored or somethin

I see nothing from afar but I’m far from nothin

Put on your poker face, I pull your card if ya bluffinnn

But I ain’t with the hard talk

I got a monopoly, catch me on my boardwalk

Like I said, we pull your card and find out you’re a Hallmark

Just know I’m breakin world records, no false start

I don’t see your point unless it’s gunpoint or somethin

My deal like Weezy first week, 1-point somethin

And my verse’s getting stupider

Wayne, if you’re on Mars, can you pick me up from Jupiterrr?

Phone blowin up so I’m cutting off my cellular

I’m a super star, know they’re on to my nebula

I will break a leg, break a arm and a fibula

When I break it down

When I, When I break it dooowwnnn

I hug and kiss the drum kick

I put the beat in my back pocket and just sit

But, you could never beat my ass, pause

Again damage y’all, again

Y’all, pretend that we all some men that get it on

And in,

I die before I lose ‘cause I was born

To win,

If he don’t fuck with y’all, then don’t bother him

And yes I fucked this game, but I won’t fall to them

It’s like, these days man I’m booked and I’m busy

Dad named me Drake, Foots named me Drizzy

They tried to tell me I’d be nothing like a protégé

But if you watched the VMA’s there’s nothing more to saaay

I got the key to happiness and all the copies

Remember this day like you bought a poppy

And damn, how I get so nice?

I just spent it all once, bout to get rich twice

Surprise party bitch, now it’s on and poppin

I always chose dough like it’s my only option

..‘Cause money always knows best

Chain-snatch flow, they say “Get it off yo’ chessst”

And I’m what all the fuss about

And if they talking, I bet I’m what they discussion bout

Hit me at the office, same extension

Consider me the reason y’all should pay attention

(Weezy Outro)

It’s Crack..

Hey-yo Drizzy, you shoulda said that on here.

Shoulda been like…

Congratulations… It’s crack!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Walking On The Moon



Whew. A List Radio was killin it tonight, dropping exclusive after exclusive. Two of my favorites took the form of a Dream and Kanye West collabo - which leaked - and a Kanye and T-Pain jam, supposedly GLC's first single, that has yet to drop on the 'net. We're still waitin' Low and Kast One!!

So, go out and have a good time this Friday night to these new songs from The-Dream and Kanye West, The-Dream solo, 50 Cent and the Child Molester, Maino & T-Pain produced by Just Blaze (it finally grew on me so I finally posted it), T.I., Jason Miller featuring Snoop Dogg, Slim Thugga and multiple songs from Young Buck

Shouts to DJ Kast One, LowKey, Beans, and all the good folks at A List Radio, Friday Nights 8 PM y'all. Don't sleep, Enjoy!

Links over there --->

The-Dream ft. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon

The-Dream - Sweat It Out

50 Cent ft. The Child Molester - Do What It Do

Maino ft. T-Pain - All The Above prod. Just Blaze

T.I. - I Am Hip-Hop

Jason Miller ft. Snoop Dogg - Sex

Slim Thug - I Run (prod. Jim Jonsin)

Young Buck - Did You Miss Me

Young Buck - Let The Beat Rock

Young Buck - What Ever

Slow Far Gone..

Don't listen to anybody that knew me
'Cause to have known me would mean that there's a new me
And if they think I've changed, then it's like you coulda fooled me

..Grab your lean, syzurp, NyQuil, Tussin, or just some good ol' herbal medication and vibe out to Drake's So Far Gone Chopped & Screwed mixed by DJ Mr. Rogers.

The only complaint I have is on "November 18." I know Mr. Rogers had to stay true to his intentions but the track was fine with its original throwed flavor. Oh well, I'm feelin the rest of the tape.

Thanks to OctobersVeryOwn for the linkage, Enjoy!


All My Tri-State Heads..

I just got word of a couple upcoming shows y'all might be interested in.

The homie Phonte of Little Brother tweeted about two events coming up. The first is for all my tri-state jazz and hip-hop heads. February 27th, Le Poisson Rouge on Bleecker St will be transformed into a multi-genre party, featuring an array of artists led by Phonte himself and guest DJ Geology. Check out the flyer above for more info.

The other is a set of concerts featuring Foreign Exchange (Phontigallo & producer Nicolay), Yahzahrah, Darien Brockington, Zo!, and the Els. The crew will be starting in Baltimore on March 5th then making their way up to New York at the Highland Ballroom on March 8th and Philly on March 9th. Peep the Foreign Exchange website for the schedule and ticket details.

..And remember what I said about Phonte - he's the most under-rated of all under-rated MCs. Ever.

Thanks to the man Tigallo himself for the info, Enjoy if you go!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shit Popped Off..

.. all day today, so I had to bless these glorious innanets with some audio goodness.

Apparently, the leaked T.I. verse from his collab with Dre & Nas was a reference verse for Detox. How does shit like this leak, Dre? Get your camp together and talk strategy, this is just unacceptable when it comes to your high hopes for the album. For us bloggers though? Shiiiit, we love it. Keep 'em coming.

..And they do keep coming today as another T.I. verse from a reference version of "Shit Popped Off," another joint supposedly from Detox. With songs like these, Dre could put it out without spitting a bar, just on the production, and it'd be classic. T.I.'s pen game is on fire right now.

Other noteworthy leakage today includes unreleased Drake plus Clipse featuring Pharrell, new Lil' Wayne, Moxberg featuring Jadakiss, Colin Munroe featuring Young Buck (you read it right, Get Buck with the Unsung Hero) and a remix by 88-Keys, Pac Div, and RJD2.

Shouts to Khal, Ivan, Cipha Sounds, Shake & Meka, Sean, and Splash for the tracks, Enjoy!

Links over thurr --->

T.I. - Shit Popped Off prod. Dr. Dre

Drake - Congratulations

Drake - Friends With Money

Lupe Fiasco ft. Drake - Kick Push Remix

TreaZon ft. Drake - Tonight

Clipse - Pussy ft. Pharrell

Lil' Wayne - February 18th

Moxberg ft. Jadakiss - What The Game Made Me

Colin Munroe - Last Cause ft. 88-Keys (Cause N Effect Remix)

Colin Munroe ft. Young Buck - I'm Fine

Pacific Division - Mayor

RJD2 - To All Of You

Updated Blog List

Peace all !!

Check out my updated list on the right side ---->

My blog is looooong overdue for a new look, a total revamping if you will, but real life and work has taken the majority of my time. Maybe after I take this CFA Level 1 exam in June, then I'll re-work it. I already have the banner picture compliments of one of my favorite, most beautiful-est bloggers Ana.

If you don't see your blog/site on the list, then hit me up on Twitter or E-mail to let me know and I'll add it in. All you need to do is show love to HFTB :-D

Big shouts to all my blogger fam !!

Topless Detoxification?

.. Honestly, who knows?

A Hot 97 radio rip courtesy of DJ Envy was floating around yesterday for this Dre-produced T.I. & Nas collab "Topless."

I'm not even going to guess if this is supposed to be on Detox or not 'cause you know my stance - Detox is a publicity stunt intended to keep Aftermath relevant to push new 50 and Em material. Yeah, I said it.

I'm not mad, though. Here's the CDQ though, Tip rips through his verse and even outshines one of my favorite MCs (stop slackin' Nas !!).

Shouts to Christopher Truth at The Press Play Show for the link, Enjoy!

Link in the Cbox --->

Dr. Dre ft. Nas & T.I. - Topless

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In My Sleep

In My Sleep - Joe Budden

Baby girl told me in my sleep I was talkin

So it’s only natural I asked her what I said

She said she woke up when she heard

She was so damn tired, she couldn’t make out a word

She said she was trying to see if eventually I would scream the name of a bird

I told her that’s absurd, and then gave her the face like “Word”

And then she replied “Yeah,” said it was quite weird, said she was type scared

I said that’s a side effect that you get when you trade bad dreams for some great nightmares

When I close my eyes, I escape the poltergeist

My escape from reality just what I needed

Brings me to a place where shorty never cheated

And even if she tried and succeeded

In this other world, I wouldn’t even get heated

Fuck the details I don’t care about why

I’m chillin with my grandmother, she ain’t die

I was browsing online and seen Mike on a banner

That said “You can be like me and beat cancer”

Anything I touched, I’d feel

Know it’s fiction but it seems so real

Was leavin out the casino with a nympho

Yes, Ray he can be so simple

Here’s how I resolve a problem with my kin folk

Learned how to build me a house with no windows

And that’s when I think I saw a ribbon in the sky but it wasn’t for my intro

Cuz where I’m at, there’s no rumors

Or gossip but still got love for Miss Info

She said in my sleep I be laughin

But shit be funny to me

Look, my ice cream’s 200 degrees

If it dripped, I get a hole in my dungarees, see

My anonymity is my protection

And me and hip-hop have no connection

Which got me to reflecting

Is that why the mirror won’t show my reflection?

When I close my eyes, there’s no dollars

So we can stretch that one as an excuse

Or why folks do the things they do

Or why people act so brand new

I had wings on, flying out of prison with a ratchet

Was only there ‘cause someone snitched

Look here, no one’s poor but no one’s rich

Just my way of creepin if life’s a bitch

Took a walk on the ceiling just to get my mind right

That was yesterday, so in hind sight

Since I was able to haul off

I took it as God telling me I’d never fall off

Got rid of name brands and the jewelry

Most people just use it as medicine

Like it take ‘em somewhere they ain’t never been

But here you’re better off not better than

Stuck in a room with an elephant

Opened a closet and dapped up my skeleton

Had a convo with a man with no ears

And all the sudden everything became so clear

Have no fear

I just bought a first class trip to nowhere

Everybody goes there

But they don’t stay the whole year

Me? I got 3 hundred and 65 shows there

My girl said in my sleep I be walkin

So I ask baby where I go?

She said I be walkin slow

And she don’t ever wanna get outta bed, so she don’t know

I went to see a man walking on water

Asked if he’d ever get things back in order

I been there 2 years over a quarter

But every time I open my eyes, it’s like torture

He said “Please,

I gave you a whole ‘nother world for you to go do with as you please

Just so you appeased

Mixed with a couple of signs ‘bout real life while you make believe”

So I teleported out of there with a grin

Met a bum with a mansion, invited me in

Then, we politicked about politics

Said something about Def Jam, I ain’t acknowledged it

I went to see a virgin with AIDS

Yea, I thought about smashin that

Yea, ass was fat

So appealing

Tattoo on her in her thigh said she doin better than she was feelin

I think I seen shorty before

Like, maybe in the club or something

Look, maybe in VIP

But wasn’t nobody there but me

And the club was all red

And she started playin with my head

And then I came

Then I asked shorty what’s her name

And it was weird, ‘cause she fucked around n disappeared

Like what a cruel joke

Cig lit but from it was no smoke

Flicked in an ash tray

And seen Stacks’ face

Flashed to a school hallway on a half-day

Was getting chased, couldn’t tell by who

Then the hallway turned into a cliff

Screamin “pff” before I was dead

Somehow I jumped my ass up out that bed

Then baby girl told me in my sleep I was screaming

So I said “That’s a lie”

She put her right hand in the sky

She said, You was, but I don’t know why.

Gotta go, Goodbye

Tying Up Loose Ends

I got some time this morning to lay down some quality music and videos, so heeere we go..

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Up first is a vid for "Welcome to Heartbreak" a.k.a. the best song off 808's and HeartBreak. I know that's not saying much. But director Nabil, the mind behind the fly animated "Champion" vid, did his thing with the colors and transitions on this one for Kanye and CuDi.

B.o.B - "Generation Lost"

The second is another vid, this time for B.o.B's "Generation Lost," one of the dopest tracks from the ATLien signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle. I presume this is off his debut LP The Adventures of B.o.B. but we'll know for sure when we get the track list. Check it out, it's a pretty simple video. It doesn't matter, the music is powerful enough.

Also finished up Padded Room, and wow. I don't wanna give a rating or anything yet but I'm thoroughly impressed.

Of course, I spotted some newness during my frequent Google Reader browsing. Here's new ish from Jadakiss, Joe Budden, B.o.B., Joell Ortiz, Lil' Wayne & Juelz, Nottz featuring Kardinal Offishall & Cory Gunz, Saigon, Mos Def, Talib Kweli CDQ, Termanology and Skyzoo from that GTA Lost & Damned, Outasight, and Last Emperor (where's he been??).

Good looks to TSS, RapDirt, Ivan, and the usual suspects for the muzak, Enjoy!

Links in the CBox --->

Jadakiss - Magic City (Rumors of a remix with Cam, Weezy, Diddy and more in the works)

Joe Budden - In My Sleep

Joe Budden - Get It In Freestyle

Talib Kweli - My Favorite Song (CDQ)

B.o.B. - Don't Break My Heart

Joel Ortiz - Bout My Money

Lil' Wayne ft. Juelz Santana & Starr - Rockstar

Nottz - Can't Hide The Truth ft. Kardinal Offishall & Cory Gunz

DJ Deckstream ft. Mos Def - Life Is Good

Saigon - Spit (Radio Rip)

Termanology - Here in Liberty City

Skyzoo - The Chase Is On

Outasight - Exclusive prod. Oddisee

Last Emperor - Gangster Groove

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Future..

.. Since Padded Room just leaked, I'll be seeing y'all in about an hour. Peep one of the tracks from Jersey's finest Jumpoff Joe and go play plumber at your nearest bootleg blog, message board or torrent spot.



Link over thurr --->

Joe Budden ft. The Game - The Future

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Presidential Weekend..

R.I.P. Lamont "Big L" Coleman
May 30, 1974 - February 15, 1999

(HFTB Disclaimer: Long Post alert.)

What's up my good people? In light of the events that transpired Friday night, I took a little break this weekend to get my shit together. The best part is that I'm off work tomorrow, so Happy President's Day all! Shouts to Barack.

I'm all ABOUT long weekends, so let's see what else is going down..

I can't believe it, but today marks the 10-year anniversary of Big L's tragic murder. The Harlem-born lyricist was one of the slickest on the mic but his career was ended prematurely after recording only 2 studio albums, Lifestylez of the Poor & Dangerous and the posthumous The Big Picture.

Still, his impact as a member of Children of the Corn with Cam'ron, Bloodshed and McGruff and Diggin' In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) with Showbiz, AG, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, O.C., Diamond D and Buckwild plus as a solo artist reigns supreme in hip-hop to this day. I've uploaded some of my personal favorites from the flamboyant MC, showcasing his unparalled freestyle ability, punch-line stylistics and flashy, creative lyrics. Hip-hop misses you, L. R.I.P.

Flippin it to sports real quick, the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk contest went down last night. Nate "KryptoNate" Robinson of the New York Knicks, at just 5'9'', won his second title (literally) over last year's champ "Superman" Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic. Though Howard completed an insane slam on a 12-foot backboard, Nate took the cake after he jumped over the 6'11'' Howard before dunking it home. Talk about ups! Peep this link for a highlight video.

What would a HFTB post be without some new music? It'd be blasphemous, that's what it' be. So we'll keep it righteous this week with a blazing Blu mixtape, Her Favorite Colo(u)r. Download below to vibe out to the Cali native's imagery-laced poetics and heartfelt content. Big props to the wonderful homie SHE for the hook up.

Also, I scooped a fresh Talib Kweli track ripped from DJ Premier's show on Sirius XM. "My Favorite Song," produced by Statik Selektah, will be on the soundtrack to Xbox 360's Grand Theft Auto: Lost and Damned.

Before I go, I spotted some events at the homie TECHIE's blog that I'm dumb excited for. I was surprised to read that The Roots will be taking some time during their busy schedule as Jimmy Fallon's Late Night house band to take up a residency at Highline Ballroom NYC. The band's "The Jam" start Thursday, March 5th, two days after my born day, so I've already grabbed me some tickets for their residency debut. Check out Highline's site for info.

And lastly, Tri-State sneaker heads should be amped for SneakerCon NYC, a new convention for all things footwear. Taking place Sunday, March 1st at the Times Square Arts Center, SneakerCon will have around 30 vendors and feature never-before-seen Nikes and more. Save the date on the flyer below, this should be a good ass time.

Thanks to Techie once again for the event info and SHE for the Blu tape, and Eskay, Shake, and Mick Boogie and Co for the other good vibrations, Enjoy!

Download: Blu - Her Favorite Colo(u)r

1. Love
2. Amnesia
3. Since
4. Morning
5. Melo
6. Wind(terludeOne)
7. When(terludeTwo)
8. Silent
9. Pardon
10. Vanity
11. Beggars’/BlackGold
12. Celln’Ls
13. Untiled(LovedU)2
14. Peace

Other Links in the Cbox --->

Talib Kweli - My Favorite Song prod. Statik Selektah

Big L - Ebonics

O.C. ft. Big L - Dangerous

Big L - MVP (DJ Premier Summer Smooth Mix)

Big L & Jay-Z - 7 Minute Freestyle

Big L - Put It On

Big L ft. Tupac - Deadly Combination

Big L - '98 Freestyle
(Parts 1 & 2)

Big L ft. McGruff, I Born, C.L. Smooth - NY Freestyle

Big L - Size 'Em Up

Big L - Flamboyant

D.I.T.C. - Day One

D.I.T.C. - Internationally Known

D.I.T.C. - Thick

D.I.T.C. - Tribute [L's not on this but it's a tribute from his D.I.T.C. brethren]

Children of the Corn - Danger Zone

Children of the Corn - The Corn

Events info:

The Roots present: The Jam
Starting March 5th
All Shows Start @ 11:30
Doors open @ 11
$10.00 in advance
$12.00 day of show.
Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011
Between 9th and 10th Ave

Sneaker Con
March 1st (Sunday) Noon - 7 pm
Times Square Arts Center
669 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
Between West 42nd and West 43rd St.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Rough Start

Raspy voice killa, The ilelst of the illa
Fly gangsta nigga, Stay blowin' a vanilla

Life's a bitch and if I ever meet her, I'ma tell her
Give it to anybody, on beat or a capella
-Jada, "We Run This"

Happy Valentine's Day
to all the lovers out there, but right now I'm heart-broken. Somebody juxed my BlackBerry & iTouch from my whip last night while I was seeing Taken, which is a pretty damn good movie and I suggest seeing it.

Since insurance is taking care of a new Storm, I'm just real heated about the iTouch. But I'll brush it off, scoop up a 30 GB one soon. I've been wanting more memory so maybe it's a blessing in disguise. I'm goin to check some iPods out today and grab me a new external HD at Best Buy, might spring for the 1 TB Western Digital.

I wish I was in the spirit enough to post a mix or videos of some love songs, my bad folks. It hasn't been that fun of a start to my Valentine's Day/Presidents day weekend. If I'm ambitious later I'll do a lil' somethin but for now I'm just not in the mood.

And lastly, in sneaker and NBA-related news, did y'all hear about Kid CuDi gettin tased? Apparently, the fly Clevelend MC wanted to rock Jordans on stage at a Reebok-sponsored NBA All-Star party in Phoenix. Things got ugly, shit hit the fan and somehow CuDi got tasered in the midst of all this. Check the full story at AllHipHop, but details are scarce right now.

Got a couple assorted songs that leaked recently and a few of my favorites from the decent Jada tape and sub-par Drizzy tape. Newness compliments of the usual fam. Enjoy.

Jadakiss - Kiss My Ass

Drake - November 18th

Jadakiss - We Run This (Green Mix) [The Evil Genius flips Jada over the "Resevoir Dogs," "So Ghetto," and "What We Do Is Wrong" beats, classic.]

Drake - The Calm

Jadakiss - Big Dogg Status

Raekwon - Heat Rocks

Young Chris ft. Joe Budden - Freestyle

Donny Goines - Where Amazing Happens prod. 6th Sense
[NBA Weekend Tribute]

U-N-I - Calender Girls

Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally, So Far Gone..

Arriving "fashionably late," here we've got the long-awaited mixtape So Far Gone from Toronto's own Drake.

Not much to say here, the music speaks for itself. I'm at work but I'll be sneaking in a listen when I can. What do y'all think?

Shouts to Drizzy himself for the link, Enjoy!