Monday, April 28, 2008

Lollipop Remix & Jay-Z Freestyle Diss

I also just grabbed Al Green & ?uestlove's collaboration album Lay It Down, I'll be posting my favorite tracks later tonight!

Here's Jay-Z's defense of Lebron James during the Cleveland Cavalier star's ongoing feud with DeShawn Stevenson of the Washington Wizards. Stevenson began the beef by claiming James is overrated, then James responded by making this analogy: Lebron = Jay-Z while Stevenson = Soulja Boy.

While I don't completely agree with Lebron comparing himself to Jay-Z (he's more like the NBA's Lupe Fiasco or Clipse, because both have only 2 albums under their belts and Lebron has yet to grab a ring yet), the Jigga man's diss is pretty amusing.

Then we have another remix to Wayne's chart-smashing electro-R&B hit "Lollipop" where Young Jeezy implements his version of the Auto-Tune voice. Stick to the trap, Snowman - you don't have crossover appeal like Snoop or Weezy. I'm out to class, peace!

Jay-Z - Blow The Whistle Freestyle (Dissing DeShawn Stevenson)

Lil' Wayne ft. Young Jeezy - Lollipop Remix

GTA IV vs. Final Papers/ Exams..

After seeing this video from IGN (shouts to Miss Info!), which gave Grand Theft Auto IV a perfect rating for the first time since Zelda 10 years ago, I'm extremely heated I have 3 papers due in a week..

But after that, Liberty City here I come!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

See Ray Run..

Congrats to rugged RU running back Ray Rice, drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2nd round, #55 pick overall. Can't wait to scoop that all-black jersey and see Willis & Ray-Ray do big things in the league.. Best of luck, homie.

Got some new jams for your Saturday night listening pleasure, Enjoy.

Kidz in the Hall ft. Pusha T, Bun-B & The Cool Kids - Drivin' Down The Block Remix

Lupe Fiasco ft. CL Smooth - Paris, Tokyo Remix

The Roots - Lost Desire ft. Talib Kweli & Malik B

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Roots & Such..

... are coming. For now, I'll have to allow a low-fi web-rip of Rising Down to hold me over until the good quality hits the blogosphere. With that said, enjoy these leaked tracks and some random jams from lyrical newcomers Wale & Skyzoo, Yonkers slick-talker Jadakiss and (borderline) insane veteran MC Nasir Jones.

Be sure to cop the latest from the illest hip-hop organic jazz crew The Roots NEXT TUESDAY! Pre-order here at and support original, quality artists!

Listen here:

The Roots ft. Chrisette Michelle & Wale - Rising Up

The Roots ft. Saigon & Truck North - Criminal

Skyzoo ft. Wale - Lyrically Inclined

Nas - Be A Nigger Too

Jadakiss - From Then 'Til Now prod. Alchemist

The Roots' Rising Down Track List:

01. The Pow Wow
02. Rising Down feat. Mos Def & Styles P
03. Get Busy feat. Dice Raw, Peedi Crack & DJ Jazzy Jeff
04. @15
05. 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)
06. Becoming Unwritten
07. Criminal feat. Saigon & Truck North
08. I Will Not Apologize feat. P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw
09. I Can't Help It feat. Malik B & P.O.R.N.
10. Singing Man feat. Truck North & P.O.R.N.
11. Up There (Unwritten) feat. Mercedes Martinez
12. Lost Desire feat. Talib Kweli & Malik B
13. The Show feat. Common
14. Rising Up feat. Chrisette Michelle & Wale
15. Birthday Girl feat. Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Come On Down To South Park

... And have yourself a time by checking out my review for South Park Season 12 right here! It includes all episodes minus this week's which I think was borderline inappropriate but that's the beauty of the show..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm So Fly..

[tracy, tina & alec own all]

...Because there's less than a month left in my semester, then it's a Screenwriting summer class and then getting that diploma yessir! Still looking for that job, but one step at a time.

I had a big week in the Inside Beat coming out Thursday here at Rutgers New Bruns, I'll post my South Park Season 12 review, a cover story on the demise of TV theme songs and a review of Moby's latest Last Night. Next week will be even BIGGER with my review of Nas' Nigger and the new 30 Rock season A.K.A. the wittiest show on prime-time, network TV.

But first, some new jams to stay fly to.. Enjoy!

DJ Green Lantern Ft. Akon, Fabolous & Fat Joe - I'm So Fly (Off the GTA IV soundtrack, can't wait 'til April 29!)

Lil' Wayne ft. Static Major - Lollipop (Guitar Version)

Lil' Wayne - Lisa Marie

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Because I floss so hard..

You can catch me covering the retro-rap connoisseurs the Cool Kids as they infiltrate Rutgers U's Livingston campus this upcoming Saturday. omprised of Mikey Rock and Chuck Inglish, these Mid-west newcomers pay homage to 80's hip-hop influences like Eric B. and Rakim with stripped-down, bass-thumping beats and flashy rhymes. Check out this vid for a slight taste of the action.. Enjoy!