Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend Warrior..

And I'm grindin' til I'm tired
They say you ain't grindin' til you tired
So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide
Lookin' to find a way through the day, a light for the night

.. Phenomenal night last night at The Office and New Bruns, plus Atlantic City's finest tonight? Sounds like a typical weekend in dom's life, livin' it up because life's too short not to!

While I'm patiently waiting for next Sunday's NY Rock The Bells stop, I needed to wrap up the best of this week's leaks. Like always, shouts to eskay, NMC, herfection & all the fresh blogs out there. Here goes.. Enjoy!

First off, pick up your free copy of Murs & 9th Wonder's newest LP Sweet Lord over here, here's a taste of what you'll get:

Murs & 9th Wonder - Free

Now on to the new tracks..

The Game ft Lil' Wayne - My Life (sorry for the DJ tags)

I'm from a windy city like do or die
From a block close to where Biggie was crucified
That was Brooklyn's Jesus, shot for no fuckin' reason
And you wonder why Kanye wears Jesus pieces?

GZA - Alphabets (my personal favorite in Wu, he's still a beast after all these years)

All I need is a beat with a continuous loop
And a live vibe that'll hypnotize like a flute
I want somethin' that's rugged by nature like the forest
Compose like a symphony without a chorus

Mos Def - Twilight Speedball [Live] (new cut off his upcoming disc The Ecstatic, can't wait to see him perform Sunday!)

Life is a game, I heard the homie say
But I came to win

Young Chris ft. Wale - Large

Runnin' til we stop, I'ma have to settle for Koch
No dissin' my position, I'm livin' for hip-hop

Random ft. Naledge - Exhale (ultra smooth jam!)

I heard hip-hop died, yea I was at the funeral
Opened up the casket, what I saw was so beautiful
So musical, an empty tomb
She came back so I promised I'd be true to you

Redman - I Run My Block Freestyle (over "Show Me What You Got" instrumental)

I don't care how much coke you cook
'Cause when it come to MC's, I was there when they wrote the book

DMX - Soldier (X is certified crazy, he speaks on all his recent troubles on this here track)

Dog for life, bang often
Streets is dangerous, cats stay off 'em

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